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Name: Jack Summers
Age: 20 

Hair: Blonde, Spikey
Favorite Game: Blood Warrior 9: The Revenge

Weapon of Choice: Sword
Secondary Weapon: SOD Assault Gun

  Jack Summers lives in the small town of Nowhere, Ontario, Canada with his roommate Ken.
 The two of them play video games all day, and there is a fierce rivalry between Jack and
 Ken. Neither of them can best the other, as they are both equally good. In the only games,
 Jack uses a sword and the Shards Of Death Assault Gun. He loves tetris.
Name: Kenneth Ward
Age: 20
Hair: Black, with Red spikes
Favorite Game: Blood Warrior 7: Operation FEAR
Weapon of Choice: Twin Mustang .50 AE
Secondary Weapon: None

  Kenneth Ward lives with his roommate Jack in Nowhere. His personality is one of 
 tremendous overconfidence, which is good when playing against gamers, but not when 
 talking to women. Ken is Jack's gaming equal in every way. Ken does not need secondary 
 weaponry, because in ther gaming world, Ken's overconfidence is justified. He HATES 

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